Who We Are and What We Do

We provide disadvantaged communities with the tools needed to lift themselves out of poverty through the development of social enterprises and by providing access to education and seek to deliver self sufficient and lasting projects that are managed by the people in the communities where we operate.  We believe in educating and empowering the people that are supported by YEF to achieve their own individual success.  Our approach is unique and has a lasting economic and social impact in the communities where we operate.

Donations to Youth Education Farms will be put towards the development of social enterprises in Swaziland and towards the basic needs of children in the YEF program like food, education and social support. The returns from the social enterprises that YEF creates will be put towards paying for the education and life necessities of the children in the YEF Program.  By putting your donation to work in projects that will generate an economic return, your donation will be one that will keep on giving into the years ahead and will have a long lasting impact in the lives of the people that YEF supports.